Peach Jam

In the same theme with the past few posts, I spent this evening making a batch of peach jam with my Mom and sister.

Recently I heard about this truck that comes from Georgia to Ohio to sell peaches. Luckily I learned about it right before the very last stop in my area for the season. I was so excited to learn about this then I realized that it was near me during times when I couldn’t get off work. So, I slyly told a friend about it and asked her to grab them and we could share a half bushel. She agreed, so I got peaches!

When the peaches came in, even after splitting it, it was a whole-lotta peaches. I took home about 35-40 (1/4 bushel). So, I had to get to Pinterest to determine what to make with them!

The first thing we decided on was peach jam. Again I followed the instructions from the “pick your own” website that I have cited before. Here is the link to the recipe I loosely followed.

We dropped the peaches in boiling water for about 30 seconds and then straight into an ice water bath. The skins came right off. So easy. Then after chopping and removing pits and mushing with a potato masher a bit, I ended up with about 10 cups of processed peaches. We did the jam in two batches.

For the first 5-ish cups of chopped/mushed peaches I added 4 1/4 tbsp of “No Sugar Needed” pectin. I mixed those 4 1/4 tbsp with 1/4 cup sugar and added to the peaches. Once that boiled, I added 4 more cups of sugar. Some of the recipes out there call for upwards of 7 cups of sugar — I just didn’t think that was necessary with how sweet these peaches are!

After the mixture with all the sugar boiled, I put it into cans and processed in the water-bath canner for about 7 minutes.

Then repeat the process with the second batch! I got 12 one cup jars plus a bit less than a 4 cup jar. The one-cup jars will stay in the pantry… the big jar – well that won’t make it past breakfast tomorrow before I dig in, so no need to can that one. Just threw that one in the fridge to gel-up.

I did taste a bit this evening, so fresh and wonderful. I don’t know how I have never made peach jam before today!

I still have quite a few peaches left, any ideas? Leave them in a comment for me please!

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  1. What about peach slices or halves in an syrup canned for a later date! Yummy stuff!


    1. Have you made these before? Are they better than the store bought ones?


  2. Yes we believe they are better than the store bought ones. You make do anything from extra light syrup to heavy syrup.


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