Sous Vide Eggs

Obviously, by the name of this site, I really like kitchen gadgets! I got quite a few for Christmas and I wanted to get a good handle on how I like them before I start posting about them here.

One of the gadgets I got was a Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps. This is a fun toy. Really takes the guesswork out of cooking quite a few different things. The easiest thing that I have made with it is the hard boiled eggs. I am a fan of HB eggs when the yolk isn’t totally cooked but I also don’t like the opposite. I like them somewhere in between. This thing makes perfect eggs. So perfect.

For those that aren’t familiar the SousVide is a gadget that heats up a water bath to a specific temperature that you set and keeps it there precisely. You can use any vessel for the water bath – a pot, large tub, etc. The Joule is controlled by a smart phone app and is pretty small and fits nicely in a kitchen drawer – so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the kitchen.

For this “recipe” all you need is a pot and some eggs. Easy. I give all credit for how to cook this to the Joule ChefSteps app. You just turn it on and put it up to temp (194 degrees F) and cook them for 8 minutes in the water bath.  I’ve found that you need to use tongs to put the eggs into and take the eggs out of the water bath – you need to be gentile or they will crack. They will still taste good, but won’t be quite as pretty. Then you can either chill them for later or eat right away. My favorite way is on a piece of homemade sourdough (made in the bread-machine) topped with some salt and pepper or Zatar. Yum.

I’ve made a few other things so far with the Joule. I love making chicken breasts with it. They are cooked perfectly every time and never get that weird chewy texture that happens when they are slightly overcooked. AND you can put them in the water bath frozen, walk away for an hour and a half (even leave the house, run errands, etc.), take them out of the bag, sear and serve with salad for a pretty healthy, easy meal. When you cook them with spices or a marinade in the bag, they take on that flavor even more because they are marinating in it throughout the cooking process. Perfect. And you can leave them in the bath for up to 3 hours before they start to get funky – so take you time, go to Target, get a workout in. Its just so convenient.

Perfectly cooked sous vide eggs with the Joule on top of homemade sourdough



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  1. Suzie says:

    Of all the things we have used the sous vide for, I’ve never thought to use for hardboiled eggs! Seem so easy!


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