Chicken Tikka in the Pressure Cooker

While I was preparing tonight’s dinner I found myself using not one but TWO pressure cookers at the same time! Why does one need two pressure cookers? Well that’s the life of a KitchenGadgetJunkie.

I’ve had my Fagor Rapid Express cooker for a while now and I use it pretty frequently. Then I learned of the InstantPot just recently and asked for one for Christmas. Well, I was lucky enough to get one and have been using it since. Both work just fine. The electric version (the InstantPot) just seems easier for some reason since you don’t have to babysit the pot to make sure the fire is hot or cool enough. But, both are good products and both very easy to use.

One huge time-saver I’ve found is using the pressure cooker to make brown rice or quinoa. These things take what feels like forever to make on the stove-top or in a rice cooker. In the pressure cooker it only takes 8-10 mins after it comes to temp. It’s great for weeknights after work when I don’t want to wait around for dinner.

So during my Sunday morning dinner planning session,  I had penciled-in to try this Chicken Tikka Masala recipe from “the kitchn” for today’s dinner. Originally the plan was to make the quinoa ahead of time so it would already be ready to soak up all that delicious sauce from the chicken tikka masala. Well, I failed at getting that done so I needed to make some quinoa really quickly and my InstantPot was going to be used for the chicken – so I grabbed out the regular stove-top pressure cooker and got it done.

I made the quinoa with 1 cup quinoa to just slightly less than 2 cups chicken broth. I’ve found that quinoa needs the broth flavor to really be edible. I also added a pat of butter, some salt, and some garlic for flavor. Lock all that up in the cooker and bring to high pressure and cook for 10 minutes. Do a quick release and voila! its done! You may need to do some experimentation to see how much liquid you prefer for cooking as there are some articles that say to use less water and some that say to use more. For me a ratio of  slightly less than 2 to 1 : broth to water works. And, now that I have learned how to properly prep quinoa with the broth and the other additives for flavor is not only edible, but it tastes good! Healthy and tasty, it’s a win-win.

For the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe – it was pretty simple. You start by cooking some onions with some oil using the ‘saute’ mode on the InstantPot which can also be done by using a regular pressure cooker and just putting it on the stove without the top on. Then you add some ginger and some spices and some chicken broth along with the chicken thighs. Close it up and 10 minutes after it comes to pressure you have dinner made.

So basically in less than 30 minutes including prep time, we had dinner on the table. Without the pressure cookers’ help, this would have taken hours to cook and get all that flavor that happens so quickly under pressure.

Again, here is the recipe for the Chicken Tikka: Click HERE for recipe.  The only modification I made is to use canned coconut milk for the cream – we had some leftover from another recipe. The garam masala spice mix I used is from Penzey’s. Happy cooking!