Cheese of the month club: delivery #1 – Stilton

For Christmas my hubs got me 3 months of a “cheese of the month club”. He’s the best, right?! I will be getting 3 kinds of cheese with each delivery (about 1.5 lbs each time). Luckily, he was able to schedule them every other month – because 1.5 lbs is kind of a lot of cheese for me to eat!

The first delivery came the other day! I was so excited! I came home and tore open the box and I knew immediately by the smell that there was some good stuff in there.

The first shipment contained Stilton, Emmentaler, and Chevre. It also came with a newsletter that gives information about each cheese.

Today, with dinner (ok, you’re right, it was the main dish) I had the Stilton. I was expecting a pungent blue but it was very mild and creamy. Although they look sort of similar, this is nothing like gorgonzola. It is almost sweet with a very rich finish.

Apparently, as I learned in the newsletter, Stilton is judged by it’s creaminess and there is a cheese grader that tests them to make sure they are up to the standard of “Stilton”. How do I get to be a cheese grader? I think I may have missed my calling.

Stilton, my new friend

It was also a really pretty cheese with a natural rind and blue veins running thru it.

This would make for a great addition to a cheese board for a party. A party with guests that appreciate cheese.

Check out that rind

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